Payment Methods


You Can Pay For Your Order In 2 Different Ways!


Prepaid In Cash 

The easiest and most traditional way of payment is physical cash according to your order memo. Valid only for Cyprus And for collection Only from our store At Street Pafou 38 Limassol Cyprus, P.O. 3052.
On the checkout page of your order, select this method (Free Store Pickup )



Please Contact Us On  +35725108215   Before You Come To Pick Up Your Order To Confirm That Your Order Is Ready And Waiting For You Not To Be Needed Wait!



Credit Card

The Most Common Means Of Payment And Relatively Easy And Absolutely Safe Is The Payment With Credit Or Debit Cards. We accept any credit card such as Visa , Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Revolut , Diners And More. Payment Is 100% Safe  And There Are No Extra Charges! So Choose That One That Suits You Best  And Perfectly Meets Your Needs.

We Mention Below Analytically What Is Each Payment Method  And The Actions That Are Necessary For Completion Of Your Order Every Single Way!


Additional Information On Card Payment

When You Choose A Payment Method Jcc Gateway Checkout Prepaid Cards They Will Ask You Put 16 Digit Your Card Number  , Expiry Date (Month / Year) And CVV2 / CSC


What Exactly Is Your Cvv2 / Csc Asking For?

CVV2 / CSC Is A Three-Digit Number Who Lies On The Back Of Credit Or Debit Your Card. The Reason Being Asked The Specific Number  Is For Extra Security. The Number Is Found On The Back Of The Card Up And Right And What You Need Are Only The Last 3 Digits.

When you’re done  all data Click on the green box written by ( SUBIT )  AND YOU WILL TRANSFER Using One Time Password (OTP) Whoever Protects Your Cards From Unauthorized Use When Shopping Online To Participating Traders.

Click On One Time Password (OTP) The Corresponding OTP In This Particular Transaction Will Be Sent Via SMS To The Mobile Phone Number Shown Above. You Are Required To Use This OTP To Complete This Transaction. Click The Button “Create OTP”  To Send The OTP On Your Mobile Number.When You Receive The OTP Code Shipped Via SMS To Your Mobile Number Place It  In SPECIFIC SQUARE (OTP) Click OK To Complete Your Order


What Will Happen If Something Goes Wrong  In The Payment Process 


Eg If I Click Cancel Or The Connection Is Disconnected?


This Is A Question That Concerns Almost Everyone. The Answer Is Very Simple.Nothing! Nothing To Worry About As There Is No Case To Lose Your Money. Most Likely It Is Canceled

The Payment And Have To Try Again. It Depends  From The Phase You Were In  Before The Connection Is Cut.The Other Case Is The Payment To Be Completed And The Amount Committed From Your Card. In Each Case We Will Communicate  Directly With You  Either To Confirm Your Order Either To Tell You That We Received One Failed Payment Attempt!