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Terms of Use

The Following Terms And Conditions Will Apply To The Use Of The Online Store Located At www.vipsupplementstores.com Any User Who Enters And Trades Or Uses The Services Of The Online Store (Hereinafter Referred To As "Visitor" And / Or "User" Or "Customer" Depending On Whether He Is Limited To Visiting The Store Only Or Placing An Order For Products) Is Considered To Consent And Unconditionally Accepts The Following Terms Set Forth Herein, Without Exception. If A User Does Not Agree With These Terms, Then It Is His Responsibility To Refrain From Visiting, Using The Website As Well As From Any Transaction Or Use Of The Services Of The Online Store.

All Transactions Carried Out Through The Website www.vipsupplementstores.com Are Governed By The Cypriot And European Legislation On E-Commerce, The Consumer Code Of Ethics For E-Commerce, The P.D. 131/03, Law 2251/1994 On Consumer Protection, The Code Of Consumer Ethics, As Well As Regulation 2016/679 Of The European Parliament And Of The Council On The Protection Of Individuals With Regard To The Processing Of Personal Data And On The Free Movement Of Data, As Applicable.

It Is Prohibited To Copy, Distribute, Transfer, Process, Resell, Create A Production Or Mislead The Public About The Actual Content Provider Of The Website. Reproduction, Uploading, Announcement, Dissemination Or Transmission Or Any Other Use Of The Content In Any Way Or For Commercial Or Other Purposes Is Permitted Only With The Prior Written Permission Of www.vipsupplementstores.com Or Any Other Copyright Holder.


www.vipsupplementstores.com Provides The Content (Eg Information, Names - Addresses, Photos, Illustrations, Logos) Products And Services On This Website On An “As Is” Basis And "As Available" And Without Any Representation, Approval Or Written Guarantee, Expressed Or Implied, Subject To The Guarantees Of Satisfactory Quality, Suitability, Inviolability, Compatibility, Safety And Accuracy.

In No Case Is Responsible For Any Claims Of Legal Or Civil And / Or Criminal Nature Nor For Any Damage (Positive, Special Or Negative, Which Indicatively And Not Restrictively, Divisively And / Or Cumulatively Consists In Loss Of Profits , Data, Lost Profits, Monetary Satisfaction, Etc.) By Visitors Of The Website Or Third Parties Due To A Reason Related To The Operation Or Not And / Or Use Of The Website And / Or Inability To Provide Services And / Or Information Available From It And / Or From Any Unauthorized Interference By Third Parties With Products And / Or Services And / Or Information Available Through It.


Provided Information & Products

www.vipsupplementstores.com Is Committed To The Completeness And Validity Of The Information Provided On The Website Both In Terms Of The Existence Of The Essential Characteristics That Are Described On A Case-By-Case Basis For Each Product It Has, And In Terms Of Accuracy The Information Regarding The Services Provided By The Online Store, Subject To Any Technical Or Typographical Errors, Which Have Escaped Attention Or Have Occurred Unintentionally Or Due To Any Interruption Of The Website Due To Force Majeure. The Photos May Not Be Real. Most Are In The Supplier Lists And May Be Similar. There Can Also Be A Range Of Different Sizes And Have The Same Photo For Everything. That's Why We Ask For Your Attention And In Order Not To Make Mistakes, Read The Product Features Carefully From The Description And Do Not Rely On The Product Images.

Limitation of Liability

In The Context Of Its Transactions From The Online Store Is Not Responsible And Is Not Liable For Compensation For Any Damage Or Loss Resulting From The Cancellation Of Orders, Non-Execution Or Delay In Execution, For Any Reason. It Does Not Guarantee The Availability Of The Products Displayed In The Online Store, But Informs Based On The Observed Data About The Availability Or Not Of The Interested Customer And Undertakes In Case Of Change Of These Data, To Inform The Customers In Time About The Unavailability In Which Case Bears No Further Responsibility. In No Case Is The Online Store Liable Or Criminally Liable For Any Damage (Positive, Special Or Negative, Which Indicatively And Not Restrictively, Divisively And / Or Cumulatively Consists In Loss Of Profits, Data, Lost Profits, Monetary Satisfaction, Etc.) That May Occur. Will Be Visited By A Visitor Or A Third Party For Reasons Related To The Operation Or Not And / Or Use Of The Website And / Or Inability To Provide Services And / Or Products And / Or Information Available By Him And / Or Any Unauthorized Third Party Interventions In Products And / Or Services And / Or Information Available Through It. Www.vipsupplement Is Not Responsible For Any Links Provided Through The User Is Responsible For The Payment Of The Relevant Fees As Well As Any Relevant Costs That Will Be Caused By The Use Of The Online Store.

User Obligations

The User / Customer Agrees And Undertakes To Use The Services, Information And Data Of The Online Store As Provided By Law And Based On The Rules Of Good Faith And Transactional Ethics. It Is Obliged Not To Use The Online Store

For Sending, Publishing, Sending By E-Mail Or Transmitting In Other Ways Any Content That:

- It Is Illegal, Harmful, Threatening, Offensive, Disturbing, Defamatory, Defamatory, Vulgar, Obscene, Libelous, Violates Someone Else's Privacy, Shows Empathy, Or Expresses Racial, Ethnic Or Other Discrimination, May Cause Harm In Any Way .

- It Is Not Entitled To Be Transmitted In Accordance With The Law Or Contractual Or Managerial Relationships, Such As Internal Information, Property And Confidential Information Obtained Or Disclosed As Part Of An Employment Relationship Or Covered By Confidentiality Agreements.

Infringes Any Patent, Trademark, Trade Secret, Copyright Or Other Proprietary Right, Contains Software Viruses Or Any Other Code, File Or Program Designed To Interrupt, Damage, Corrupt Or Prevent Any Operation Of The Software. Software Or Computer Hardware.

Intentionally Or Unintentionally Violates The Current Cypriot And Community Legislation And Its Provisions, May Harass Third Parties In Any Way And Any Content Used To Collect Or Store Users' Personal Data. www.vipsupplementstores.com  Reserves The Exclusive Right To Terminate The Use Of The Passwords To Its Services And / Or To Discontinue The Distribution Of Its Content To Users / Members Who Believe That They Have Violated These Terms Of Use.



www.vipsupplementstores.com  Recognizes The Importance Of The Issue Of The Security Of Your Personal Data As Well As Your Electronic Transactions And Takes All The Necessary Measures, With The Most Modern And Advanced Methods, To Ensure Your Maximum Possible Security. All Information, Which Is Related To Your Personal Information And Your Transactions, Is Secure And Confidential. The Security Of The Online Store Is Achieved By The Following Methods:

Customer Identification

The Codes Used For The Identification Of The User / Client Are Two: The Password And The Personal Security Password, Which Every Time He Enters Them Provide Him With Absolute Security Access To His Personal Data. He Is Given The Opportunity To Change His Personal Security Code (Password) As Often As He Wishes. The Only One Who Has Access To His Data Is Himself Through The Above Codes And Is Solely Responsible For Maintaining The Confidentiality Of Third Parties. In Case Of Loss Or Leakage He Should Immediately Notify, Otherwise He Is Not Responsible For The Use Of The Secret Code By An Unauthorized Person. www.vipsupplementstores.com  In No Way Discloses Or Publishes The Personal Data And Information Of Users / Customers. Personal Data Is Used Exclusively For The Good Execution Of Transactions. All Information Is Encrypted And Stored In Complete Security.

Ensuring The Privacy Of The Transfer Of Your Personal Data

To Ensure The Confidentiality Of Data Transfer, The Online Store Uses The SSL Encryption Protocol, For Secure Online Commercial Transactions.


From The Beginning To The End Of The Connection To The Online Store, All The Information And Personal Data Of The User / Customer Are Encrypted Based On The SSL Encryption Protocol. Encryption Is Essentially A Way Of Encrypting Information Until It Reaches Its Intended Recipient, Who Will Be Able To Decrypt It Using The Appropriate Key. Each Time You Connect To The Online Store, All Communication Between The User's Computer And The Online Store Systems Is Encrypted Using A 128-Bit Key. That Is, Every Time It Sends Information To The System, The Browser First Encrypts It Using A 128-Bit Key And Then Sends It To The System. The Online Store System First Decrypts The Information It Receives Using The Same Key (Predefined When The User Logs In To The Service) And Then Processes It. Online Store Systems Send Information Following The Same Encryption Process.


Transaction Confidentiality

Confidentiality Is Self-Evident. The Same Basic Principles That Govern Traditional Transactions Apply In The Case Of E-Commerce. All Information Transmitted By The User To The Online Store Is Confidential And All Necessary Measures Have Been Taken To Use Them Only To The Extent Deemed Necessary In The Context Of The Services Provided. Some Of The Measures That Have Been Taken Are The Following:

Only authorized employees have access to your transaction information and only when necessary, e.g. to process your applications.

The Online Store Does Not Disclose The Details Of Customers And Their Transactions, Unless It Has A Written Authorization From Them Or This Is Required By A Court Decision Or Decision Of Another Public Authority. In The Event That The Online Store Uses Third Parties To Support Its Systems, It Takes Care To Ensure Confidentiality.

Subject To The Provisions Of Chapter 6 Hereof, Relating To Personal Data, You May Request Any Information Held About You As Well As Their Correction In The Event That You Can Substantiate An Error. For Your Own Safety, You Should Also Treat All Information Provided Through The Service As Confidential And Confidential And Do Not Disclose Any Information To Third Parties.


When You Visit The Pages You May Be Asked To Provide Personal Information About You (Name, Surname, Profession, Email Address, Shipping Address, Etc.) As A Rule To Process Your Orders. Any Personal Data That You Declare Anywhere On The Pages Of The Website, Are Kept Solely For Reasons Related To Transactions With Us, The Improvement Of The Services Provided And The Operation Of The Respective Service And May Not Be Used By Any Third Party (With The Exception Where Provided By Law To The Competent Authorities Only).

In Any Case, The Employees Of The Online Store Who Have Access To Your Personal Data Are Specific And The Access Of Unauthorized Persons To Your Personal Data Is Prohibited. Every Reasonable Measure Has Been Taken To Secure Your Data.

The Online Store Collects And Processes The Above Data Exclusively For The Purposes Described Above And For Which You Have Consented. The Processing That Is Done Is The Absolutely Necessary And Is Done Exclusively By The Competent Employees Of The Online Store. Every Necessary Step Has Been Taken To Ensure That Your Data Is Secure And That Access To It Is Restricted By Law. Your Data Is Kept For As Long As The Online Store Needs For Its Proper Operation, Unless Otherwise Provided By Law

You Have The Ability To Contact The Online Store Whenever You Wish To Be Informed About Your Personal Data, To Request Their Modification, Or The Termination Of Their Use Or Their Deletion In Whole Or In Part Or Their Portability As Required By Law. For Your Communication, Please Contact Us At Tel. +35725018215, Or Email [email protected] . At Any Time The User Reserves The Right To Be Informed Or To Object To The Further Processing Of His Data In Accordance With Current Legislation For The Protection Of Personal Data.


Pricing Policy

The Pricing Policy Of Products Is Not The Same In A Store, and Online Store. However In Many Selected Products Their Price In The Online Store Differs From The Store And Is Valid Only For Purchases Through This Online Store And Shipping To Your Place. In Any Case, Although We Make Every Effort To Accurately Indicate The Data And Prices We Quote In Our Online Store, We Can Not Rule Out The Possibility Of Typographical Or Technical Errors In Prices And Product Features.


Right of Withdrawal

The Customer Can Return The Products Purchased From The Online Store, Within Fourteen (14) Days Of Receipt. In Particular, The Returned Product Must Not Have Been Used, Must Be In Excellent Condition, In Its Full Original Packaging And With All The Contents. In Addition, In Order For The Product To Be Accepted Back, It Must Be Accompanied By The Original Purchase Document. The Shipping Costs Of The Return Of The Product Are Not Covered By www.vipsupplementstores.com And Are Borne By The Customer. Refunds Do Not Include Initial Shipping Costs.

The Customer Can Deliver The Products Directly To The Store Or Send Them At His Own Expense. In Any Case, Before Returning The Products, The Customer Can Contact The Online Store For The Best Service, Either By Phone At +35725108215, Or By Sending An E-Mail (E-Mail To [email protected]) The Return Of The Price Due To Withdrawal To The Customer Will Be Made No Later Than Fourteen (14) Working Days From The Year That The Online Store Received Proven Knowledge Of Its Withdrawal.



Order Delay

Your Order May Be Delayed For The Following Reasons:

- The Product Has Been Delayed From Being Shipped By Our Supplier: In Order To Be Able To Offer You Very Competitive Prices, We Order Our Products From A Very Wide Range Of Our Suppliers. However, There Are Cases Where An Order Of Ours Can "Stick" To Its Transport, With The Result That We Do Not Have The Product You Are Interested In In Our Warehouses When We Calculate. In Such A Case, We Will Contact You To Ask If You Want Us To Deliver Your Order Without This Product Or To Suggest You An Alternative. We Will Send This Item To You Immediately Upon Receipt In Our Warehouses.

- The Product You Ordered Has Already Been Removed And Is Not Available: There Are Rare Cases Where Their Supplier Suddenly And Unannounced Announces That He Is Removing It. In This Case, An Employee Of Our Company Will Contact You Directly To Give You All The Alternatives.

- In Any Case Of Force Majeure: The Online Store Is Not Responsible For Any Delays In The Delivery Of Ordered Products, Which Are Not Due To Its Fault Or Constitute Force Majeure Events, Such As Road Network Problems, Severe Weather Events, Strikes, Etc.

- In Case It Is Impossible To Communicate With You: This Happens When There Is No Telephone And / Or E-Mail Communication With You (If There Is A Problem With Your Order, Either In Relation To The Product Or In Relation To Its Payment) Because .Χ. The Information You Have Entered Is Not Properly Updated. In Any Case, The Delay Does Not Exceed Thirty Days From The Conclusion Of The Contract.


Modification Of The Terms Hereof

www.vipsupplementstores.com Reserves The Right To Modify Or Renew The Terms And Conditions Of Transactions. It Undertakes The Obligation To Inform This Text For Any Change Or Addition To The Terms.

Applicable Law And Dispute Resolution

Contracts Through The Online Store Are Governed By European And Cypriot Law, In Particular By Legislation Governing Matters Relating To E-Commerce, Distance Selling And Consumer Protection. Similarly, The Site Has Been Created And Is Controlled By www.vipsupplementstores.com In Cyprus And The Cypriot Legislation Will Guide The Use Of The Site And Its Interpretation. If The User Chooses To Access The Site From Another Country, He Has The Responsibility To Follow The Laws Of That Country.

Any Dispute That Arises And Which Arises From The Contractual Relationship Between The Online Store www.vipsupplementstores.com And The Customer, The Competent Courts Of Cyprus Are Responsible For Resolving It. For The Out-Of-Court Settlement Of The Dispute, The Client Can Turn To The Competent Bodies For Out-Of-Court Settlement Of Consumer Disputes, E.G. At The General Consumer Protection Service Of The Ministry Of Energy, Trade And Industry (1421 Nicosia, Cyprus) Consumer Line: 1429, Located In The Local Municipalities Of The Country.

According To Directive 2013/11 / EC, Which Was Incorporated In The Cypriot Legislation With JM 70330/2015, The Possibility Of Electronic Settlement Of Consumer Disputes With The Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure Throughout The European Union Is Now Provided. If The Customer Has A Problem With A Purchase Made From The Online Store And Resides In The EU They Can Use This Website Https://Webgate.Ec.Europa.Eu/Odr/Main/?Event=Main.Home.Show For Out-Of-Court Settlement Of The Difference.

The Client Can Contact The Above Body In Order To Guide Him Throughout The Process Of Submitting And Processing His Complaint.

The Protection Provided By The Provisions Of The Law On Distance Contracts, As Well As The Present Terms, Is Emphasized That It Applies To Transactions Only With Natural Persons, Who Are Traded For Reasons That Do Not Fall Within Their Commercial, Craft, Business Or Free Trade Activity.

If Any Part Of The Contract Of Sale In Accordance With These Terms Proves Void Or Unenforceable By A Court Decision, The Remaining Contract Will Remain In Force. The Online May Enter Into An Agreement For The Assignment Of Its Obligations To A Suitable Third Party. Otherwise, The Customer Will Not Be Entitled To Assign Or Transfer His Rights Or Obligations.

All Notifications Must Be Made In Writing (By Hand, By E-Mail, Fax Or Letter By First Class Mail, Which Will Be Deemed To Have Been Delivered 48 Hours After Posting)


Your access to the website of confirms that you have understood with adequacy and completeness the above, as well as that you fully agree with these terms.